Rouven Sperling, born 1975 came up with the idea for this exchange and is more than happy to see this project taking place. He works as head of a department at the University of Applied Science Wildau near Berlin. He volunteers as a lifeguard for the last 20 years and has training in EMS, boat operation and diving as well as numerous others.

Frank Irmler, born 1980 is part of the steering committee and is a teacher at school and also at the University of Leipzig. Strongly influenced by “Baywatch” he started his second career as a lifeguard back in 1996. Since then he also conducts trainings as a instructor. As chairman of the local club in Zingst and vice-chairman of the one in Leipzig he likes to organize and realize projects such as this.

Thomas Ulrich, born 1984 is a paramedic and nurse. Beside he is a member of the civil defence department within DLRG Leipzig acting as diver and swift water rescue expert helping in catastrophes like floods or in order to find and bring drowned persons or submerged objects for the police.

Lars Wolf, born 1978 works in a hospital in Leipzig as a physical therapist within the intensive care.
He is qualified as boatman, first aid instructor, paramedic instructor, radio operator, diving assistantand a couple of other things. Since shortly he is also the chairman at the DLRG local club in Leipzig.

Natalie Timme, born 1996 is studying Medicine at the Charité in Berlin. In 2012 at the Baltic Sea she ran across a lifesaving course at the shore and decided to participate. Since then she is an active member and also helps with the kids swimming classes.

Thomas Naumann, born 1966 joined the German Life Saving Association 14 years ago. Since then he spent much time in training and volunteering. As a experienced diver he also initiated the acquisition of sonar detection equipment.

Mira Neckel, born 1990 became a member of the DLRG at the age of eleven. She was responsible for the lifesaving courses a few years and focusses on teaching children between 7 and 10 how to swim.

Lukas Schürer, born 1996 is a Beach Lifeguard since 2010. As you can see in the photo, music is a very important point in his life. Playing either trumpet or accordion you can hear his reggae band at the beach.

Paul Bark, born 1989 lives in Greifswald, between the both beautiful islands Rügen and Usedom. As an experienced lifeguard he also took part in the “International Lifeguard Competition Rescue” in 2014.

Michael Marsand, born 1989 is studying Physics in Kiel. His lifeguard-career started with pure swim-training for competitions in the team of the quiet successful DLRG’s local club Stralsund in 2001.

Alexander Zahlmann, born 1965 works as a safety inspector for construction sites and production sites. He has high experience regarding the rescue standards of the DLRG and is a member since 2009. Located in Berlin he organized a lot for the visit of the Israeli lifeguards in October this year.

Roman Siegel, born 1990 is studying sport science and history at the University of Leipzig since 2010. Specialized as well as a Swift water rescue technician and operator for rescue boats. Beside those activities, music is a great passion.

Kai Stockhausen, born 1984 is currentliy finishing his PhD in Chemistry. Beside that he is a Beach- and Pool-Lifeguard since 2000 and Swimming Instructor since 2014.

Robert Beinert, born 1987 near Stralsund is an experienced lifeguard since 2003 and lives in Bremen. He studies Public Health Care management and was one of the youngest rescue managers at the Baltic Sea.

Volker Hippe (who joined us in germany)is 26 years old now. He is studying medicine and just reached his last year. He is a lifeguard for 5 years and in addition to that a first aid instructor. In his free time he loves to run, go cycling, and builds small model planes. In summer you can find him on the North Sea or Baltic Sea as a lifeguard.

From the Tel Aviv Municipality the follwing lifeguards will join the exchange program:

  • Avraham Licht is 62 years old. He works for 8 years as the manager of the beach department in Tel Aviv. Before that he worked almost 30 years as the manager of the sports department. He has a master of education in Sports and played handball. Both his parents are originally from Poland.
  • Pilater Tal-haim is 44 years old and works as the lifeguard manager in Tel Aviv for 5 Years. Before that he has been a lifeguard for 18 years. He also has a diploma in public administration, local municipality leadership and a bachelor in social science. In the winter he volunteered as a medic on the ambulance for 10 years of red magen david. His mother is from Israel, his father from Poland.
  • Nissim Roni is 51 years old. He has been a lifeguard for 26 years already. He is the manager of his station for 4 years, too. His father was alifegaurd two. But before he continued the tradition he studied and worked in accounting in the office, until he could not stand the job anymore and felt the pull of the sea.
  • Tiram Raviv is 39 years old.He already worked 19 years as a lifeguard.His father was alifeguard too, that’s why he grew up on the beach and learned everything very early. Like everybody he loves surfing and all kinds of watersports.
  • Angel Guy is 42 years old. He wanted to be lifeguard since he was 6, because he nearly drowned and was saved by a lifeguard from Tel Aviv near the pier. He already works 18 years as a lifeguard. In the first years he worked in construction in winter break and did light shows on parties and weddings, but now he works all the year as a lifeguard. His father comes from Turkey.
  • Malki Sharon is 44 years old, He worked for 11 years as a pool lifeguard and now works 10 years as a sea lifeguard. He loves to run, surf and make jokes.
  • Stepan Sarkissian is 47 years old. He already worked 21 as a lifeguard and is vice manager of his station now. He also is a fitness instructor, had his own radio station and his own surfing shop. He has always wanted to be a lifeguard because he grew up near the sea in Tel Aviv. Water sports and cooking are other hobbies of his. His grandparents came from Armenia.

From the Herzliya Municipality the follwing lifeguards will join the exchange program:

  • Shmuel Lin is 51 years old. Beofore he became the beaches authority manager in Tel Aviv he worked two years as security manager on a ship, owned a small coffee shop and was a security officer for the municipality. He also has a master in business administration. In his free time he loves to play snooker, is a pilot for aircrafts and watches soccer and Basketball.
  • Gideon Salem is 51 years old. He started to assist the lifeguards at the age of 16. After bthe army he started to become a real lifeguard. He also learned communications system and worked in that profession in winter. In his free time he makes woodwork. His wife is from Denmark while he himself comes from Jimena.
  • Roey Bar-David is 35 years old. He is a lifeguard for 14 years now. While the last 4 winters he also worked as a lifeguard, the ten years before that he worked 7 month as a lifeguard and 5 month at construction. He loves to catch fish while diving and surfing. His father comes from Iraq while his mother comes from Poland.
  • Eli Haim is 34 years old. He works as an official lifeguard for 14 years, but started to assist them with 15. He is specialised in Jet Ski rescue and is very professional on motorbikes, too. He trained horses in the winter and still owns one. His parents are from Iraq and Egypt.
  • Mordechai Minim is 46 now. He works 26 years as a lifeguard ad has 4 kids. He loves surfing and sport. His father is from Poland and his grandmother from Jimena.
  • Lior Tal is 25 and the youngest of their group. Before he became a lifeguard he was renting chairs and beds on the beach. He loves surfing and plays soccer.
  • Tzahi Solan is 41 years old. He works 21 years as an official lifeguard but started to assist them when he was 14. In addition to that he had a small kiosk for some time and still owns a small cleaning company. He loves to do free diving and his record is diving 28m deep with one single breath. His mother comes from Morocco and his and his father from Libya.