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Day 8: Halloween, boat trip and Berlin

Day 8: Halloween, boat trip and Berlin Starting in the morning in Zingst at Friday, the 30th of Octobre, we reached our new accomodation for the next two days, the diving tover in Berlin, in the afternoon. The diving tower is a huge building run by the regional association of the DLRG Berlin. In the […]

Day 7: Cold water, media and Rostock

Day 7: Cold water, media and Rostock Today we went to Ahrenshoop, where some of us are lifeguards in the summer, and met the mayor, who greeted us all in English and exchanged gifts with Herzliya and Tel Aviv. Paul presented a short presentation about beach management and our flag system. I explained some safety […]

Day 6: Wismar

Day 6: Wismar This morning Frank and Volker were allowed to film the morning prayer of some of the more religious lifeguard. I am very eager to see this myself. After the breakfast we walked to the kinder garden of Zingst. The educators showed us the whole building before we met some of the older […]

Day 5: Boats and Beer

Day 5: Boats and Beer   Breakfast in the morning and then we drove with the bus to Prerow were we met our fellow lifeguards. We met the mayor, got another warm welcome and had some pictures for the local newspaper. The lifeguards responsible for the so called IRB’s, inflatable rescue boats, explained some safety […]

Day 4: Zingst

Day 4: Zingst In the morning we had breakfast at the youth hostel we are staying in until Friday. We met the mayor of Zingst in the Max-Hünten-House, which is the media and photography centre of Zingst. He gave a very warm welcome to our guests. In addition we were told some facts about Zingst. […]

Day 3: Relaxing on Sunday

Day 3: Relaxing on Sunday On Sunday we could sleep one hour longer because of the time shift in the night. So everybody could regenerate from the night 😉 We met at 9.00 for a great breakfast. After that the Isaelis had to pack their things and we went to the bus. It took us […]

Day 2: Full of events

Day 2: Full of events We had breakfast at 6.15 in the morning in the university where Frank teaches, because the bus was going to pick us up at 7.00 to take us to the Kanupark at Markleeberg. There the mayor greeted us and told us, that if the Olympic games in 2024 take part […]

Day 1: Arrival in Germany

Arrival in Germany   Rouven and I were at the airport in Berlin at 8 o’clock in the morning to greet our guests from Tel Aviv and Herzliya. The airplane arrived on time but it still took them a while to come out, because one piece of baggage was missing. We used that time for […]