Station 11, Frishman Beach

Hey guys!

Our first day at the different lifeguard stations was very cool! Kai, Paul and me(Lukas) were at Fishmans beach with Stephan and some other lifeguards from Tel Aviv. When we arrived at the station, we had a great lunch with them for free – this is hospitality!

After this great meal we got into the water – swimming and diving by the rocks and doing some little games in the water with fins and swimmask.

When we came back, we talked with Stephan about a few things. The most interesting thing was the information about the sweet girls near the lifeguard station ;)) but we also talked about wind, currents and the weather, which is always up to 40 degrees Celsius here.

At the second day we made a lot of pictures and videos for this blog and talked about the plans when they visit Germany in october. Today we had a blue sky and no wind, so it was very hot and we got a good tan. I think we could also be good lifeguards here in Israel (with a little bit more training), of course, we are so athletic like they are;))

Tonight we will come back to Germany, bye!