One night in the lifeguard-station

While the group made a trip to Jerusalem, I went to Herzlia to spend the two days working with the lifeguards there. Working might not be the most correct term for what we did, since the season is over and the beaches empty during the week. That’s why we had a lot of time to discuss about politics and people in Israel. You could say, it’s my passion to discuss about that and to gain new insights. So I don’t really miss the trip since it is not really possible to have a detailed and informative discussion with the Israelis in a big group. The day itself was otherwise not really packed with action. Trying to ride some waves with the Hasseke is of course much easier when you do it on an empty beach and for yourself.

Still I had no option for staying during the night, since our hostel was not booked for this day. But the chief of the station offered me to sleep there. So I took the chance and suddenly, at 4 pm, I was alone. The deal was that I clean up everything for staying in the station and so everybody just left quickly, happy not to have to clear the station. No problem for me since the station is not too big and cleaning didn’t take long. After that I got something to eat and spend the evening at the beach and watched the sunset from the station.

But not everybody was aware of me staying there. Just before the sun fully set, a security guy came by, not talking English but saying clearly that I would have a problem. Well, I just couldn’t do anything else than just wait what would happen and in my imagination I was already been arrested by the police. But nothing happened and so I could go to bed quite early to compensate the short nights of the last days and to be able to wake up early again in the morning.
So it came, that I woke up at 6 am just to step outside and find the world been alighted in yellow. I thought it would be the windows just falsifying the incoming light or just the normal morning sun here at the edge of the desert. But it was the beginning of a three days lasting apocalypse-like weather which should save us a lot of sunscreen but also gives temperatures that brings an average Middle-european to sweat-out half of his own body-weight every day. At the end of the day nothing of my cleaning-action was left and everything was covered by dust. The beach stayed empty and at 4 pm I cleared the station and went back to Tel Aviv.