Day 4: Zingst

Day 4: Zingst

In the morning we had breakfast at the youth hostel we are staying in until Friday. We met the mayor of Zingst in the Max-Hünten-House, which is the media and photography centre of Zingst. He gave a very warm welcome to our guests. In addition we were told some facts about Zingst. The lifeguards asked some questions and gave a small present to the mayor.

The Israelis also gave a short presentation about the blue flag beaches in Israel while Michael explained something about the distribution of lifeguards in the summer. After that we rented the bikes and made a small tour to the harbour of Zingst, located in on the Bodden. We had some free time in the village. I used that timr to see the sea at daylight. Because the sun was shining I even went in the sea, but only with my feet. The others were either relaxing or buying some things in the supermarket or in the small touristic shops.

Before we had lunch, we saw our old lifeguard station, which now belongs to the german red cross. We also did a group picture on the station with the sea behind us.

After the lunch, where we ate fish again we began our bicycle tour to Pramort, the most eastern corner of the peninsula you are allowed to go. It was ten kilometre until we reached the place where a ranger explained a bit about the national park and the surrounding area. It was another ten kilometres until we reached Pramort and saw the cranes and some other rare birds. On the way back we could see the sun going down, while the moon was rising up behind us.

We drove directly to the DGzRS, the german Search and Rescue unit (SAR), where the showed us their ship “Zander”. They also explained some things about their work, because they also work voluntarily. The bikes went back to the shop we rented them in and we had a very good American dinner.