Hello everyone

Hello guys,

it was a very nice day in Tel Aviv. We were at a beach for the religious. Today it was open only for men – tomorrow for women. If you’re lifeguard – your sex is accepted. Nevertheless some men looked strange because of our two women. You need to know that there are no female lifeguards here.

We trained with Hassake – and we get better and better. The Jet ski-training was very nice and funny.

Thanks a lot for the presentation and all the information about Tel Aviv. I hope that the Israeli can give this presentation in Leipzig, Berlin, Wismar, Stralsund and Rostock.

We had an amazing barbecue. I hope that the Israeli like our meals too. In the afternoon I was in Jaffa – old city. The marked and the archaeological excavations are wonderful. The old houses too. I bought a mat kot ,so my children can stress my wife and me and the neighbours ;-). The sandstorm and the dust leave now. And it is still hot.

We learned something about the organisation of the lifeguards and their union. Very interesting. We also discussed the different ways to become a lifeguard in Germany and Israel. So in Israel you have to go to a private school to become pool lifeguard and then you can become ocean lifeguard. You need time – and experience. If you have a look at the lifeguards you see – they are all really athletic.

Okay, if you can train day by day there is no problem to look like them. For us it is difficult – nevertheless we are sportive, I think some others would have problems to learn and train the new techniques – we will train them in the pool tomorrow. It is necessary here to be fit. The currents can be heavy and if you want you can swim all the time of the year in the sea. So professionals are needed.

It is clear now for us that the Israeli are sceptic as they heard of our short way to become lifeguard. So we showed them our techniques from the Fachausbildung and demonstrated the way how to do with unconscious persons. They do other. And they say that our techniques are good – they will try. And I think their techniques are good too. And when we will train in the Baltic Sea – in October; there is the cold water. We can handle this but they? That will be interesting ;-).

It is amazing that we are so welcome here and that everyone is so open and friendly. In the hostel too. Many say comments of respect for the German help for the refugees – so I will give it to you.