Sand everywhere

So first of all: Thank you guys and of course Mira for the wonderful Birthday I had today, beginning with the Happy Birthday Song at 0:00, and ending this evening with a relaxed evening on the rooftop of our hostel.

But now for Galiläa, as you will see on the pictures we couldn´t see as much as we would have liked on our 3 hours ride along the Jordan to Galiläa, because the sand is everywhere in the air. This morning you couldn´t see farther than maybe 500 meters. But nevertheless our guide continued to tell us storys about israel, hebrew, the difference between arabic and hebrew agriculture and everything else he could think of.

Bevor reaching our destination we made a stop at an old syrian bunker at the Golan heights, israelian territory since 1967. „danger – mines“ was the common sight including fences everywhere. The plan had been to see Israel and Syria from there, but that has not been possible today because of the sand.

After that we reached our destination at the Jordan. There can be no comparision to our great rivers like the Main, the Rhein or the Elbe, it was really small. But we started our rafting tour with four boats. In the moment Kai is busy with cutting all the scenes he recorded with his GoPro (a big thanks by the way, he has done this every evening since we arrived here and had the first material).

We were wet from the first to the last moment due to countless waterfights we had with each other… But we saw some animals too, a small turtle, which we could almost touch, Alex and I think we saw a Kingfisher (Eisvogel) and there where some cows too. After eating some Scharwarma or Falafel in the pitah (the small bread) we travelled back to Tel Aviv.

I think 1 kilometer ist he farthes you can see here and we all hope that we will have clearer air tomorrow and maybe even see the sun. But this definitly is an expirience I will never forget.