Day 4: Ein Gedi

After testing the restube in the Dead Sea, we drove another 30 minutes to the reservation Ein Gedi. There we were all swimming in sweat, 35 degrees, but it felt like 40. So naturally we had to bath in the first waterfall we saw, and the next one and the next one… some in full clothes, some in under wear, and some were clever enough to bring their swimming shorts. Maybe Lukas will let us post his “shoots under the waterfall” here 🙂 On our way we disvovered many goat-like animals, some came really close to the camera. There also were some birds and some marmot-like animals, pictures will follow soon. At the end of the track we reached a magnificent waterfall, 15 meters high and realy beautiful. We took many great pictures and videos, that we will follow as soon as Rouven gets back to the hostel, because I actually don´t know how to do it… 😉 Later on I will write some texts about today, so see you soon