Day 2: The first day at the beach

Hoho – the first day is almost behind us!

We were in Herzliya -39 degrees. The summer is back! They do have really exciting new hotels and a fancy port here.
The lifeguards welcomed us really warmly, even if they were a bit surprised to see us today.

Stay tuned for the pictures! Great Lifeguardtowers. That would be a great standard for us. Large communal area on the ground floor – composed of wood. A foot washer outside and 2 full body showers. Second floor – great lookout with windows, also araound the corner, that can be pushed apart. A large room and a bedroom with kitchen and TV. First Aid –doesn’t exist, as for the three bays and towers on the beach promenade, a medical base of the Magen Avid Adom exists. A nice speaker system – it was used primarily to provide guidance or instructions or to communicate with the lifeguards on the beach and in the water. A German tourist or a major would flip out. Here – it is normal. Yes, there are 1 -2 Lifeguards in knee-deep water and whistle the crowd apart, so stay away bodyboarder and wave surfers of the bathers. Swimmers are rare. We had the impression that most of the visitors could not swim. As a lifeguard in the water – you can actually camp in approximatly 29-32 °.

Sorry, we have come to know the phenomenon of plastic waste very well. That was – as I said only one place – but still a huge mess. Keep your seas and oceans clean – mind PVC and plastic bags. Throw your waste in the waste disposal. Sometimes I like to scream it to some visitors who don’t carry about it.

But at the other part of the beach the sand is soft, clean and without any rest of cigarettes.

The air temperature is enjoyable – There is always a breeze blowing. Today there was also waves. I could try wave surfing for the first time – although it was more like bodyboarding. It is still impressive to surf on a two-meter high wave to the beach and with the breaking of the wave … to leave it like that :-).
Now Shabbat is finished and on the beach an esoteric dance group is dancing to Electro and RnB.

In addition to an extensive swim training around the three breakwaters we made a Sprint unit. And Schmuli – the King of the Beach comments, Good Times’. In case of a rescue, the lifeguards use jet skis and much more – I mentioned it Super Large SUPs – called boat here – boards on which one is paddling alone or in pairs. These come from Jewish-Arab Lifeguards and are named hasseke here. Ask Rouven, Mira, Luke and Thomas and Kai – I have not tested it yet. But watch out that you do not tip over. Normal SUP Bords and rescue kayaks are also available.

Thanks to Schmuli for spontaneous very delicious food! Tomorrow we will be going to the mayor of Herzliya. We have theoretical and practical units together with the Herzliya lifeguards.

Stay curious! Shalom Frank